About us

Launched in 2016, Ienki Ienki (pronounced "Yenki Yenki") was founded by Kyiv-based Dmitriy Ievenko, who wanted to create outerwear that was very fashion forward, but did not compromise in the slightest on quality. Brand name was inspired by Evenki people, formerly Tungus, the most numerous and widely scattered of the many small ethnic groups of northern Siberia. The early collections were quickly snapped up by prestigious international stockists including Le Bon Marché in Paris, Barneys in New York, Lane Crawford in China, Selfridges and Browns in London and now is presented in 315 stores in 30 countries.

Our goal is simple: that each product bearing our name becomes a trusted part of exceptional outwear experiences.
 All our puffer jackets and vests are c
rafted with lightweight technical materials, filled using 100% goose down. 
Goose down, as opposed to duck — a filler used by most big-name puffer brands — that doesn’t keep you as warm as goose feathers do. 
Every detail of Ienki Ienki is designed to stand out and make a difference. Hereby we collaborate with one of the most authoritative producers of high-end, resistant and precious zippers — Riri zippers.

Ienki Ienki offers a contemporary take on classic outerwear styles. We managed to separate ourself from the puffer jacket pack with our rounded, scarab-like shapes and extra-large hoods. One of our distinct silhouette is inspired by the Michelin Man,  and ‘The Michlin’ belted at the waist to create an exaggerated hourglass shape is one of the brand’s most popular pieces. We’d also recommend snapping up ‘The Dunlope’, which can flare out either at the top or bottom, depending on how you do up the buttons, making it a versatile piece. All Ienki Ienki jackets are also strikingly eye-catching due to the bright and bold colour palette.

Fashionistas have flocked to Ienki Ienki from the very beginning, with the likes of Bella Hadid, Julianne Moore, Eva Chen, Natalie Joos, Kourtney Kardashian just some of the names to have stepped out in one. It is very humbling for us to see so many inspirational editors and stylists wearing our brand. To be honest though, just seeing ordinary people wearing and appreciating our jackets is the real praise. Knowing Ienki Ienki has had such a positive response with both celebrities and the general public makes us both proud and happy