About us

Launched with Fall/Winter 2016 collection, the Ukrainian brand managed to separate itself with its rounded, scarab-like shapes and extra-large hoods, becoming a street style favorite around the shows.
Brand name Ienki Ienki, pronounced “yenki yenki” was inspired by Evenki people, formerly Tungus, the most numerous and widely scattered of the many small ethnic groups of northern Siberia.
Ienki Ienki distinct silhouette is inspired by the Michelin Man—a look that people often try to steer clear of during the winter. But the pieces are for a chic effect. One version, titled the “Michelin,” is belted at the waist to create an exaggerated hourglass shape.
Another, the “Dunlop,” flares out at the top and/or bottom depending on how the wearer buttons it, also resulting in a whittled-waist effect. Jackets designed to to have volume, but still feminine and easy to wear. Aside from unusual proportions, the jackets also turn heads for their saccharine hues, like lavender or fire-engine red.
The brand is proving that a sporty coat can be chic—one puff piece at a time.