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Advanced Research


We are proud to announce the collaboration with the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine and present the new modern outwear uniform for the team members of the Vernadsky Research Base  Antarctic Expedition Parka.  


The uniform was created as a part of the brand new program called Advanced Research. The main purpose of this project is to explore and subsequently use the latest technologies for the implementation of non-standard tasks in difficult and extreme weather conditions.

The Antarctic Expedition Parka is created for the members of the Ukrainian Antarctic expedition and is set to enable them to do useful work and conduct valuable scientific research in Antarctica while living a full life unaffected by the rigors of the Ice continent.


We worked closely with National Antarctic Scientific Center and took into account the experience of all 26 expeditions. 12 members of the station staff live and work in very harsh and specific conditions of the South Pole for a whole year. The Antarctic Expedition Parka is designed to get the wearer through some of the most extreme and challenging environments in the world such as harsh climatic conditions of Antarctica: during the cold season, the outside temperature drops to minus 27°C with frequent snowstorms and abrupt weather. 


For the exterior the brand has chosen the three-layer technical fabric, bonded with waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane and with protective technical mesh. It was created by Italian textile factory Majocchi exclusively for this project.

The parka also features multi-layer down insulation made of innovative hygroscopic down that makes it completely waterproof not only outside, but also inside and keep the wearer warm in extreme conditions and cold climates.


The new modern outwear uniform for the polar explorers will be donated to the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine. We have already handed over the first the first batch to the crew of the new Ukrainian icebreaker Noosfera, which will take the expedition members to Antarctica under the Ukrainian flag for the first time. 

Already in March, the next batch of outerwear from IENKI IENKI will go to Chile, where it will later be delivered to the Vernadsky Research Base for the team of the 27th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition.

Photo: Sasha Maslov