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We have been using sustainable development practices from the very start of our brand, striving to create a technological product of exceptional quality. We work on perfecting our production methods for each and every season, all in an effort to make our work more responsible.


Our manufacturing

We make all our products at our factories, which makes it possible for us to control each item’s quality. In this way we also avoid overproduction and overconsumption. We are able to handle each order individually and keep production strictly to the quantities demanded. This also explains why we never hold sales: there is simply no need for us to clear stocks.


Our suppliers

We use the goose down – the warmest and the lightest filler in the world. For now, no other material can compare with it in warmth insulation.

It is very important for us to have the white goose down that we use as filling material for jackets to be produced ethically. In our case, this means that no cruelty is involved at any step of the down production. We make sure that our goose down suppliers do not do live geese plucking or force-feed the animals. 

As we try our best to support local producers, we work exclusively with smaller Ukrainian farms that have been doing goose feathering for generations. Now, as a brand, we are involved in efforts to build a unified certification system for our down suppliers.


Our team

We value all our employees and provide them with a safe and healthy working environment. Our designers, seamstresses, constructors and cloth cutters work under the same roof in light and spacious workrooms, and they receive decent wages.


Our packaging 

We pack each piece in a reusable bag, which can afterwards be used in daily life. The bags are made from the left-over materials used in our collections.


Our Vegan line

We experiment with new sustainable materials. Our first Vegan collection was presented in in March, 2020, in Paris. Instead of goose-down the jackets are filled with recycled plastic collected in the ocean and on Taiwanese beaches, with the fabrics made from recycled nylon.