Hey, I'm IENKI IENKI puffer to keep you cool and warm

I'm filled 100% white goose down - the most delicate, light and warm natural filler only exists to compliment you with voluminous bouncy shape we love so much!

My trims and finishing are state-of-art too: Riri zippers and buttons are the century's best & fabrics are top notch unique design

So please-please-please be gentle with me, I'm you ultimate fashion piece after all:

  • send me to dry clean only according my care label if my fabric is polyester, ultralight, ripstop, wool, micro rib, cotton, snake print or technical polyester

  • if my fabric is foil - love me the way I am and accept I'm no friend to any cleaning methods

Wear me anything from a dress to your favorite casual style to rock ultimate sporty chic look

Try me on a promenade at ski resort to keep you warm and cool

Or just add me on top to get ready discover the best in the world

Stay warm, have fun and be the coolest one!


Your Insta Style Inspo