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In the new season we continue to work with our origins, reinterpreting the traditional dress of the Northern peoples in modern ways, experimenting with silhouettes and textures.

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Kalik Down Shirt Powder IvoryKalik Down Shirt Powder Ivory
Michlin Jacket Silky WhiteMichlin Jacket Silky White
Michlin Jacket Silky White Sale price€1.600
Poncho Silky BlackPoncho Silky Black
Poncho Silky Black Sale price€1.430
Michlin Jacket Soft BeigeMichlin Jacket Soft Beige
Michlin Jacket Soft Beige Sale price€1.540
Michlin Jacket Silky RedMichlin Jacket Silky Red
Michlin Jacket Silky Red Sale price€1.600
Michlin Jacket Silky LimeMichlin Jacket Silky Lime
Michlin Jacket Silky Lime Sale price€1.600
Poncho Silky WhitePoncho Silky White
Poncho Silky White Sale price€1.430
Poncho Silky RedPoncho Silky Red
Poncho Silky Red Sale price€1.430
Poncho Silky LimePoncho Silky Lime
Poncho Silky Lime Sale price€1.430
Kalik Down Shirt Soft BlackKalik Down Shirt Soft Black
Michlin Jacket Silky BlackMichlin Jacket Silky Black
Michlin Jacket Silky Black Sale price€1.600
Michlin Jacket Soft BlackMichlin Jacket Soft Black
Michlin Jacket Soft Black Sale price€1.540
Michlin Jacket Soft RedMichlin Jacket Soft Red
Michlin Jacket Soft Red Sale price€1.540
Rowena Jacket Soft Pale PinkRowena Jacket Soft Pale Pink
Rowena Jacket Soft Pale Pink Sale price€1.660
Shearling Queen Jacket Powder MintShearling Queen Jacket Powder Mint
Shearling Queen Jacket Powder PinkShearling Queen Jacket Powder Pink
Zip Vest Soft KhakiZip Vest Soft Khaki
Zip Vest Soft Khaki Sale price€1.190
Pyramide Jacket Powder BlackPyramide Jacket Powder Black
Pyramide Jacket Powder Black Sale price€1.600
Pyramide Jacket Soft KhakiPyramide Jacket Soft Khaki
Pyramide Jacket Soft Khaki Sale price€1.540
Poncho Soft KhakiPoncho Soft Khaki
Poncho Soft Khaki Sale price€1.370
Short Corn Jacket Micro BlackShort Corn Jacket Micro Black
Shearling Queen Jacket Powder IvoryShearling Queen Jacket Powder Ivory
Zip Vest Silky LimeZip Vest Silky Lime
Zip Vest Silky Lime Sale price€1.250
Zip Vest Silky BlackZip Vest Silky Black
Zip Vest Silky Black Sale price€1.250
Rowena Jacket Soft KhakiRowena Jacket Soft Khaki
Rowena Jacket Soft Khaki Sale price€1.660
Wendy Jacket Soft RedWendy Jacket Soft Red
Wendy Jacket Soft Red Sale price€1.360
Pyramide Jacket Soft BeigePyramide Jacket Soft Beige
Pyramide Jacket Soft Beige Sale price€1.540
Queen Jacket Silky WhiteQueen Jacket Silky White
Queen Jacket Silky White Sale price€1.600
Queen Jacket Silky RedQueen Jacket Silky Red
Queen Jacket Silky Red Sale price€1.600
Wendy Jacket Soft BeigeWendy Jacket Soft Beige
Wendy Jacket Soft Beige Sale price€1.360
Queen Jacket Silky LimeQueen Jacket Silky Lime
Queen Jacket Silky Lime Sale price€1.600
Zip Vest Soft BlackZip Vest Soft Black
Zip Vest Soft Black Sale price€1.190
Queen Jacket Silky BlackQueen Jacket Silky Black
Queen Jacket Silky Black Sale price€1.600
Quilted Parka Soft BlackQuilted Parka Soft Black
Quilted Parka Soft Black Sale price€1.660
Wendy Jacket Soft BlackWendy Jacket Soft Black
Wendy Jacket Soft Black Sale price€1.360
Quilted Parka Soft KhakiQuilted Parka Soft Khaki
Quilted Parka Soft Khaki Sale price€1.660
Wendy Jacket Soft KhakiWendy Jacket Soft Khaki
Wendy Jacket Soft Khaki Sale price€1.360
Zip Vest Silky RedZip Vest Silky Red
Zip Vest Silky Red Sale price€1.250
Zip Vest Silky WhiteZip Vest Silky White
Zip Vest Silky White Sale price€1.250
Cozy Michlin Jacket Micro BrownCozy Michlin Jacket Micro Brown
Michlin Jacket Satin BrownMichlin Jacket Satin Brown
Michlin Jacket Satin Brown Sale price€1.540
Michlin Jacket Powder BrownMichlin Jacket Powder Brown
Michlin Jacket Powder Brown Sale price€1.600